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Stall and Market Salesperson
BRN:                    62249 Nationality:              China Language spoken:      Englis ...

Basit Shareef Qazi

Commercial Sales Representative
BRN:                    58267 Nationality:                Pakistan Language spoken:      E ...

Yuanyuan Wang (Effie)

Property Consultant
BRN:                    56965 Nationality:                China Language spoken:      Chin ...

Bailan Yang (Bella)

Property Consultant
BRN : 57964 Nationality: China Language Spoken: Chinese, English   QR Code: Agent Pro ...

Muhammad Nadeem (Nadeem)

Property Consultant
BRN:     47162   Nationality: Pakistan   Language Spoken: Urdu, English   W ...

Shereen Zaman (Shereen)

Property Consultant
BRN:                            57682 Nationality:                Untited Kingdom Language ...

Aamer Razzaq Khan (Amir)

Property Consultant
BRN:                          54597 Nationality:                Pakistan Language Spoken:  ...

Top Millions Real Estate

To achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate market while establishing our ...

Abid Mehmood (Abid)

Property Consultant
BRN:                         44793 Nationality:                Pakistan Language spoken:  ...

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